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15 Signed Copies Of “The Pre-Release” EP Available In Our Online Store

While we were in the midst of moving Will found 15 copies of our first EP we ever recorded, The Pre-Release, they’re so rare that none of us even actually own a copy. We signed all of them and just put them up for sale in our online store for $5. Like I said, there are only 15 physical copies left in existence, so first come first serve, get them while they’re hot. They are available at www.mfhstore.com. 

How To Call A Bluff

Both versions of How To Call A Bluff are now available at http://mfhstore.com

Bring MFH to your College or University this fall

Dear Diploma seekers around North America (Canada that includes you),

My Favorite Highway will be available this fall to perform at your college or university.

Now this doesn’t just mean sending us an e-mail that says “I go to ASU, come here”, you see at every school there is a student activities board or concert/events group that puts these kind of things together. You can normally get a hold of them by searching on your school’s website or asking around. Once you are able to reach them and convince them that My Favorite Highway is the band to have play at your school please give them our email and we’ll work on working out the details!

Please e-mail Mike at booking@myfavoritehighway.com with any ideas to bring the band to your school.

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[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

Our good friends at Idobi Radio came to the Baltimore, MD show on the Storytellers tour and took video footage of the performance.

Tampa Storytellers Show

We’re sorry to announce that we’ve decided to cancel the Tampa Bay date of our Storytellers tour, when we scheduled the date we forgot about Father’s day, which we believe has contributed to a lack of ticket sales.

Tickets are still available for the Orlando show on Friday, June 18th.

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All Is Fair In Love & War out Today!

David’s solo release “All Is Fair In Love & War” is available today on most digital music stores (including iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-is-fair-in-love-war/id381059305). You can also purchase the physical copy of the record at http://iamdavidcook.storenvy.com/.

For more information and to preview the songs check out http://facebook.com/iamdavidcook and http://myspace.com/iamdavidcook

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]


This is a teaser for my upcoming solo release, “All Is Fair In Love & War”, available July 20, 2010. All pre-orders will receive an exclusive download code to download a digital copy of the EP before the official release date. You can pre-order your copy from my online store http://iamdavidcook.storenvy.com.

Free MFH show in NoVA on Saturday! →

We’ll be headlining YouthFest 2010, in Ashburn at Brambleton Town Center. We’ll be performing for the first time as a full band in Northern Virginia since January.

For further information click the link above and visit http://www.loudounteens.org/

We’ve added some new products to our online store.

We’ve added some new products to our online store.

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Win A Free Ticket to MFH Storytellers! →

We’re giving away a ticket or two or more to every show left on the Storytellers tour on Facebook, some questions have already been posted and if you respond to them correctly we’ll select a few random winners over the next few days!

For the complete list of tour dates check out http://myfavoritehighway.com/tour

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